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    Originally Posted by vmax View Post
    You'll find it helps to keep your eye on the object ball as you walk around the table to get behind the cue ball. The cue ball will be in your peripheral vision while doing this and you will take in the whole scenario subconsciously and be more able to focus on the contact point on the object ball when you get into position behind the cue ball.
    Yeah. I more meant that I'd line up the straight shot then step into the cue ball from the straight on shot, rather than doing it from behind the cue ball as a separate step. This was only really possible when I was taking one step from the object ball to the cue ball. Today when I had to make multiple steps I'd lose the line on the object ball, so now I think I have to consider the angle a distinct phase from behind the cue ball.

    What is pleasing is I've definitely noticed a small improvement from my first time there. Today was only my fourth visit but each time I'm there there's something new to think about and work on, all while practicing the stuff I'd realised previously. Hopefully, someday soon I'll actually be able to screw the ball, which is something I've tried a few times (following along from videos online) and it's just not something I can manage.