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My first clearance on a practice routine

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  • My first clearance on a practice routine

    If you count in open table with ball in hand when closer to cushion as room is too tight. Neverthless, this was my best attempt so far.

    I am still struggling with cue ball control and choice of ball but I am optimistic that itíll improve with practice.

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    Very well done! I'm sure you're aware your position play needs a lot more accuracy and finesse, but some very solid potting, even if you seem to be hitting the ball VERY firm,try reducing the speed then the pockets will play more generous, thus giving you more margin for error. Keep the good progress up.


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      You mention your room dimensions are tight. Exactly how much space do you have around the table? Do you ever use shorter cues?


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        Well a nice fluke on the pink at the end there, and i reckon you moved white ball 7 times ?
        Still you potted some good balls, and thanks for editing it, much easier to watch


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          Yes I did move cue ball as room was too tight and I couldn’t keep proper posture and I didn’t want to use shorter cue as it doesn’t have the same feeling on the shot. My goal is to keep cue ball away from cushions as much I can but my cueball control needs a lot of work.


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            but Try to adjust the light, the room is not very well lit. by the way, what's the cloth you use? (strachan 6811, hainsworth...?)

            best regards.


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              congratulations, yes some very good pots , the pink into the green pocket was really good. however if you are moving the white it can't be classed as a complete break or clearance.

              i do feel as it has been mentioned you hit the ball quite hard, if you want more cueball control you need to reduce the power so you can feel the shot.