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  • Who has a coach ?

    I'm just curious as to how many people out there actually have a snooker coach to help them with their game.

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    lol lol My first coach was Richard Holt's book and my second one Jimmy White's SNOOKER MASTERCLASS ! By the way, what do you think about these books - Jimmy's and Stephen Hendry's MASTERCLASSES ? I remember that I almost learned by heart the first one !... As much as one can learn to play snooker from a book ...


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      i know someone who has had coaching from nigel bond and have gone from occassionly getting a 20 break to getting a 60 break in nearly every frame and he spent another few years with him and he came in the club and had a 143 in the first frame


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        I get a lift mostly or a taxi when we all wanna get lashed.

        never had a snooker lesson yet, but even though I play golf irregularly I had 10 lessons that helped a lot - Bryan Lewis is the biz in Herts. If only the powers that be could involve he nation in pulling the talent up through the ranks for the continued success of the game. Every snooker club should have access to a Coach IMO, they could wear several hats including a scout, mentor etc.

        I'm still not convinced about the WorldSnooker.Com website, it's not as though they're intentionally making the content difficult the navigate through, but it should be easier - 50 posts to play games? How about register before you can even browse the site!

        EVENTUALLY found a link for a list of Coaches up and down the country;

        PS Well done Kev for finding this intriguing thread.
        PPS Have posted a link about an idea I had year ago, have a look if you want.
        Head Still... Follow Through... Keep it Tight... Never Give Up... Ton 'em if you can!


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          hello everyone,
          i had my first cosching session yesterday and it went really well, it was a big help i wrote all about it on just look in coaching and tell me what you think.


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            ive just found out the link does not work but if you look at the jesters web site i know your find the fourm there!


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     for the forum and for the Coaching Blog

              the WSA link I put up in July unsurprisinggly doesn't work; why didn't they keep a similar URL hierarchy? Doing another search this a.m. whil watching Soccer a.m. still doesn't work (PS that new Carlsberg AD with all the footballing superstars is good innit)
              Head Still... Follow Through... Keep it Tight... Never Give Up... Ton 'em if you can!


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                the caoching is really working. ive only had one lesson but im playing better.
                i went out to pratice this morning and did quite well!


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                  I started getting coaching in February of this year by Jim Donnelly the ex pro. He coached John Higgins and Steven Maguire to name just a couple.

                  Worth every penny, even after the first session I felt like a better player.

                  Covers everything and any questions you have he answers no problems. Plus you know that he doesn't ask you to do anything that he can't demonstate himself. so when struggling to get something, he can go down, show you exactly how it should be done.

                  Really improved my game and my enjoyment of the sport.


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                    Its all about the money!

                    How much are you looking though for a good coach. Im a player of above average ability, but feel that my game has levelled off over the last few years, im 25 now and feel with some pointers in the right direction i could become alot more consistent. Would like to go to Terry Griffiths but your talking £125 an hour...jesus christ, does he take you out for a meal after. For that much id want coaching meal, drink, hotel, taxi home!!!

                    Could someone let me know, im based in birmingham, but would be willing to an extent

                    Thanks guys
                    Deep it down the rail :D :D :D