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Looking for practice partner in Letchworth/Hitchin/North Herts area

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  • Looking for practice partner in Letchworth/Hitchin/North Herts area

    Hi everyone

    This is my first post on the forum!

    I'm looking for a practice partner in the north hertfordshire area. I became a member of ABC Snooker in Letchworth the other day and the club is now under new management and is looking great!

    I have been away from snooker for a while but have played a lot of 9 ball. I'm a relatively weak player but am looking to improve.

    Let me know if you would like a game!


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    hi there , sorry i'm only replying to your post just to ask about the tables at the ABC snooker club there in Letchworth , are they any good , are there any well maintained Star or Riley Aristocrat or similar tables at or near pro calibre there ? not replying about being a practice partner just curious about the tables , thanks.


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      I only became a member the other day so I'm not 100% sure. There are 6 tables including two match tables which are slightly more expensive due to the upkeep of them. I will let you know when i get to the club but from what I saw the tables looked in good condition.


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        ok thanks , enjoy your snooks :-)


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          Not round there anymore, but the better players played from the cons club in letchworth theres a few nice guys down there. Might be worth checking that out instead, cheaper tables rates too