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    Mart - Don't know how much you plan on spending but there's a Challenge Barracuda on ebay for £40 at the mo ...

    As i've already said i'm no expert & to be honest haven't used any of the cues mentioned on this forum. I can only vouch for what i've used for many years & it's a lovely cue with a great feel to it (see Franksandellsnooker's response to my first post on the newbies & intro's forum for more info about it if you're interested).


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      I use a powerglide connosseur. Had it for nearly 30 years. Powerglidewere made by Ken Williams, brother of Rex,ex pro snooker & billiards player and one time chairman of the WBPSA


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        Cheers for all the replies, baldylox i heard good things about Barracuda cues while playing pool. Didn't Mark Williams or someone use one of these? Might be mistaken, will keep an eye on that mate, thanks.


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          Yes, according to the replies to the thread i started about my cue, MJW did use one for a time. There's a few more intersting posts from others on there about the barracuda company history etc.


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            I use an unclevit as reviewed in the link in my signature below...
            Unclevit C Brand - CueGuru Tip.


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              Cue Craft 3/4 Tulipwood cue.

              I've had it since I was 15... Former snooker pro Mick Price and billiards player Neil Rewhorn used to sell cues out of our club and I won my cue from Neil over a football trivia bet... he put his money where his mouth was and was sick.

              Surely everyone knows that Ryan Giggs could never have played for the England full international side... Neil does now!