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  • Yes...I am a noob

    Well hello there everyone!

    I just joined this forum as I am in search of a new cue. I am not new to the game but I have not played in a year so I need a new stick to get me going.

    Shine some light brothers/sisters and welcome me with open arms!!!

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    I could have sworn that said you were a nob! Sorry!

    I don't take much interest in cues, so can't help on that one I'm afraid.


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      Lol well I have been called a nob in the past but no, I meant noob which apparently is kiddy slang for new person.


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        Welcome to TSF
        If you have a look in the Cue section you will see many threads to do with getting a new cue, you need to know what you are looking for, your "specs" length, weight, tip size, butt size, balance point, the woods you like, etc. etc.
        Essentially though it comes down to your personal preferences, experience, and budget.
        If you do not know what you are looking for then it would be best to go along physically to a place that has many cues to choose from and to try out, such as Craftsman Cues ( or Green Baize Ltd (, and I am sure there are a few others, where you can find a cue that suits you and your pocket
        If you cannot go physically, you could give Stu (@GBL) a ring, he is very knowledgable and helpful and could point you in the right direction.
        If you do have an idea of what you like there are a few traders on TSF that could help you find that new wand, there are a few threads in the Cues section covering this
        Anyway, again welcome to TSF and a word of warning, this site can seriously harm your wallet and relationship with your spouse as you can catch "cue-itis" and start becoming a cue-collector in the hunt to find that illusive "perfect cue"!
        Up the TSF!


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          Well that was certainly a lengthy reply lol.

          I actually posted just after this post regarding a cue etc in the cue section.

          I have been looking at some of the cues on here for sale and there are some quite nice ones to be fair.

          I know what you mean about harming the wallet and relationship!!! :L I have been neglecting my partner for past few weeks since getting back into snooker and I am still on the hunt for my perfect cue


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            welcome nooby johnson,loads too look at