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  • Hello, I'm a new member

    This is my first time in a forum so it's now that I learn the rules. I should have introduced myself back in October, but... better late than never.

    I teach French and Italian. Sometimes, Romanian to foreign students. And I translate books. Mostly history, politics and psychology.

    Snooker entered my life rather late. As you might know, Romania got rid of the dictatorship in 1989. Before that bridge was considered too intelectually elitist and snooker too elitist, period. So the regime banned them. Tere was no cable-tv, no Eurosport. Almost no pool table. Definitely no snooker table. Almost no one had ever heard much less practiced the game.

    I owe my first contact with snooker to Eurosport. I fell upon a match between Jimmy White and Tony Drago. Boy, was I hooked !!!...I shall never forget that experience. I have sided with Jimmy eversince. To me, he is the only and true Mr. Snooker. Then one of my husband's friends sent us a mini-snooker table and the madness began.

    The first time I got to a real snooker table was in Scotland , in 1993. My husband was a symphony conductor and he had a concert in Edinburgh. I went with him because I wanted to see the country of some of my ancestors as my family is of Scottish origin.

    So my first time at a real snooker table - I got dizzy : Good Lord, the pockets were so far, so far that the baize seemed to get moving, making waves under my eyes !!!...

    Now in Romania there are a lot of amateur snooker players, a lot of snooker fans and quite a number of events but the prizes are still small. No big sponsors yet. Hopefully, things will soon improve. They certainly move in the right direction.

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    hello welcome to the forum hope you have a great time here


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      Originally posted by chrisdebag
      hello welcome to the forum hope you have a great time here
      Thank you, chrisdebag, I already have a great time.