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Greetings from the Netherlands

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  • Greetings from the Netherlands

    (Or actually: greetings from a hostel room in Sopot, near Gdynia, Poland where I visited my first snooker event this weekend!)

    I suspect I`m a minority on this forum as I have never played one game of snooker in my life! I have been watching for a few years now, and this weekend I took it to the next level by visiting an event. Absolutely loved every minute of it and ofcourse I`ll be looking into visiting more events in the future.

    My lack of table experience will probably mostly have me enjoying from the sidelines on this forum but I might participate in the topics about the pro events.

    See you around!

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    welcome to TSF dedaas
    I am sure there are those that don't play but love the game like you on TSF.
    You have joined the best place (I think ) for you to participate as you wish and enhance your love of the game.

    So was Gdynia a good experience for you, it seems like it was
    I went to the Welsh for the second time - the only pro event I have been to - and I thoroughly enjoyed it, watching live is just great!
    Up the TSF!


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      Welcome to the forum dedaas. It's always nice to have more people to discuss the tournaments with.


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        Gdynia really changed my perspective of the game, or atleast the PTC events. I don't like them alot as TV events, but walking around that arena and picking the match you like instead of the TV-table match is great on itself, but then also think of sitting there not 5 meters from the action while you hear every sigh and remark from the players and the man next to you is being told off for moving during a shot!
        I've been watching all Brecel matches, Milkins-Woollaston, McManus-Dott (which was alot less close then I had hoped probably because Dott seemed to suffer from a cold) and ofcourse many more.
        I want to write up my experience when I get to a propper computer.


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          Thank you! Looking forward to it!


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            I know what you mean, being able to sit in one place and watch several matches, then see what match is up next and maybe shuffle along as you wish, I love that side of the flat 128
            Up the TSF!


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              Welcome to TSF. You need to get playing now
              Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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                Thank you Neil, and ofcourse you`re right but I don`t want to destroy a beautiful thing! ;D


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                  Welkom man! Leuk een taalgenoot tegen te komen!

                  Great to see you've picked some matches of our young lad Luca, are you a fan? Where do you live in the Netherlands?

                  Try the game, i'm sure you will love it!


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                    Dank je wel en zeker leuk! I recently moved towards Breda/Tilburg pretty close to the border.

                    Luca is definitly one of the players I like to watch and see develop! I guess the dutch snooker community in general is backing Luca with the lack of a dutch pro-talent but it's clear it is not a 'gebrek aan beter' thing! hopefully his talent can spark something with a young person in the Netherlands.

                    As for playing myself: I think I would enjoy it probably but I would feel uncomfortable playing alone (no mates that could be arsed to play snooker) and joining a club would feel like alot of pressure since I have absolutely no experience. My time will come I'm sure!


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                      Finally had a go at snooker yesterday.. really enjoyed it! And it went alot better than expected.. I was amazed to string a break of red, a black and another red together at some point!

                      I think I will definitely have to try this again!


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                        good news!
                        welcome to the fraternity and soon you will be buying cues to find "the one"
                        Up the TSF!