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Indian Open 2015 on tv

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  • Indian Open 2015 on tv


    I can't seem to find out if the Indian Open 2015 is on TV, thought it might be on eurosport as normally are them kind of events but looked at the tv guide for the 10th March and can't see any snooker on and checked sky sports 3 and 5 as the shootout was on them but nothing on there, hopefully the listings change as eurosport does say listings are subject to change

    Does anyone know if they will be on TV, I hope they are

    Thank you in advance


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    I use World Snooker as in Canada it seems to be
    the easiest way and it isnt showing coverage yet
    either however it is a bit early.
    I am sure someone will let you know if it is televised.
    Good luck.


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      Hi robertmac

      Thank you for the reply, appreciate it

      That's it, got 3 days yet so hopefully the tv listings change by then and shows the snooker

      Thank you again, appreciate it


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        You are welcome. Yes we all hope it is televised or on
        live streaming such as World Snooker and other sites.
        I believe it is a ranking event so I would think it is at
        least some sort of coverage. Several users here usually
        can find some website at least such as Haha sports
        which will be showing it possibly.


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          too early for a listing on hahasport, they tend to only add stuff on the day
          shame nothing on British Eurosport
          Up the TSF!