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Returning to the sport after twenty years.

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  • Returning to the sport after twenty years.

    Hi everyone
    Used to play regular 20 years ago,but after breaking my wrist again (mountain biking)
    Decided to start playing again ,and give up mountain biking.
    Found this web site in my search for a new snooker cue not found a cue yet but I got a bit of time to find one 6 weeks to get my cast off.
    Got around 250 quid to play with to get what I need cue and case .

    North Yorkshire area if anyone knows where I can purchase one .


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    welcome to TSF Grant
    enjoy your stay
    how far away is Stockton-On-Tees? see

    also how far is Kippax?

    both have stock of a range of cues to try out and there should be plenty to choose from with your budget, they both come highly recommended

    let us know how you get on when you get a cue
    Up the TSF!


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      Go see Stu Green in Thornaby mate, you'll get a lovely cue from there
      It's hard to pot balls with a Chimpanzee tea party going on in your head