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    Originally posted by 2v1977 View Post

    You just need a cue like this to settle your nerves
    calm your nerves by counting the splices and veneers
    #jeSuisMasterBlasterBarryWhite2v1977Luclex(andHisF ictiousTwin)BigSplash!


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      Not sure if I can help but I can tell you my story, I have had six 147s in practice, three tons in league matches + half a dozen 90 plus breaks.
      So about your standard, I too have some really bad days and yes they are mentally bad days, I know I have the ability but to be honest I also know exactly what my problem has been..for me it is because I have changed cue to many times and in the last 20 seasons I having managed to start and finish with the same cue.
      I hope to put this right as I have now got a cue which I am happy with 100%
      The moral of the story is find out what it is that is making you feel this way..look deep there will be something, put that something right and the practice in and all should be good.
      I am on the mend hope you can put it right too.
      Ps practice with someone of a decent ability or better regularly , there is no better way.