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Greetings from a foreigner o/

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  • Greetings from a foreigner o/

    'sup mates!

    I'm Breacky_p, irl known as Emil, 20 years of age and currently located in a small place in western Austria. I found this forum while (surprisingly) browsing for one and since I actually wanted to look out for some advices on buying myself a cue, I decided to give it a shot and register here. At first look I found a lot of topics that seemed interesting so I hope I'm gonna stay here for a while

    I have a little complicated story on playing snooker, but I'll try my best (not sure but you may have problems to understand everything, my english is not the best, I suppose):
    I was always talented in pool (while grew up in a small place in Bosnia, where - to be fair - nobody knows how to play properly) and I liked playing it. Over the years I had my ups and downs on playing - school was more important - but at the age of 18 I was beginning to play more constantly, not too much, but 2-3 times/week was fine at that moment. I just had started to teach myself some basic techiques, and loved doing screw shots. (You can hardly imaging how difficult it was playing on terrible tables, with terrible balls and cues - there was no club..) And somehow i managed to improve my skills to a decent level, I was able to screw the cb over the full table length (6 feet as far as I remember) which I was very pleased with. 6 months ago I moved to Austria, where I played snooker for the very first time, and I was absolutely thrilled. Outright I registered to the local club and since then I'm working on my techniques etc. ((For example) At the moment I'm able to screw the cb back 12 ft - not knowing the cloth specs and the cue quality - which is pretty fine to me.) The biggest problem is, that I'm able to play effectively only once per week, but still glad I'm improving my game.

    I hope that I will get many tips and advices on my game. I plan to do a few videos, so you can have the best possible picture, but for now it would be nice if someone could tell me where I can post them and/or ask for help.

    I also hope my english isn't too bad and that I will find a couple of mates willing to chat, as well as help me on my game.


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    Welcome and this is a great place for help to improve
    your game as is the club you say that you just joined.
    Your english is good so dont worry.
    I have visited a friend in Vienna and it is a lovely city
    and Austria is a beautiful country.
    In order to post a video or photo I believe you need to
    have posted 10 times (or posts) but someone will let
    you know more.
    Snooker is a terrific game so welcome.


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      'sup mate, thank you for the response
      I'm definately gonna try to at least ask for advices, I believe I'm not the only one here to need to have a conversation on a topic like, as you say, this terrific game.
      Great for you to visit Vienna, I haven't so far but I will in a couple of days, and definately check out a club for some practice
      That won't be a problem, more posts will come with time, I assume. It isn't a problem anyways since I'm only gonna paste links to YouTube, it should be fine for now.