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    I'm 18 years old and love the game, but just never really get the chance to play it!

    I can hold a cue and have been playing pool religiously for years so I can eye up a pot. However, every time I get to play snooker I am blown away with how hard it is and am left with a current highest break of 25.

    I want to start playing more regularly, maybe once or twice a week so if anybody is interested in a practise partner as such from my area then please let me know.

    I live in the South-East London area, where my closest Snooker Club is Petts Wood, although it would be know problem getting to a club in central London.

    As I've never been a member of a club, only gone with my dad to play with him on occasion but he isn't interested in going anymore, how does it work?

    Is it possible to just walk in and practise on your own and you may meet someone to have a game with? Is that how it works.

    I suppose I'm just after some general advice on the Snooker Club culture.

    Any words/advice appreciated.



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    Welcome to TSF Joe !! glad ur intrested in snooker as it's a lovely game !!
    As for ur question ,, we have a nr of members who re bsed in London ! So , I'm sure
    U'll get sum answers here !!
    Enjoy ur stay here on TSF !!


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      Yes, Joe.

      As long as you are a member of the club - and joining is easy - go in and practise on your own. Most clubs have a reduced table rate for solo practice.

      Once in, you'll soon become familiar with how it all works. And, yes, you'll probably find someone else in there doing the same as you. Before long you'll be playing friendlies against him.

      Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)


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        Thank you for the responses.

        I have organised a lesson with John Woods on Thursday at Kings Cross. Has anybody been coached by him before?

        I'm looking forward to it so that I can properly get in to this great sport!


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          Top bloke is John , had a lesson from him before at Kings Cross . Does a lot of kids coaching as well .

          He was using a very nice original Will Hunt cue at the time .
          Still trying to pot as many balls as i can !


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            So before I started playing snooker properly last Wednesday I had probably played about ten times.

            Well I've practised Wednesday, had a lesson with John Woods on Thursday, then practised on Saturday and Today.

            I had a really good session today of about three hours doing various routines and met someone in the club to have a couple of frames with. I attempted the line-up and got a 40 break! I was chuffed! I'm really pleased with my progress at the moment in such a short space of time.

            I've well and truly got the bug!!

            In other news, I have just realised that I wrote "know" instead of "no" in my opening post - wow. Whoops. :-)


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              Sounds like you are picking it up quick Joe. I know plenty of players played a few years and would still struggle to get 40 in line up. Keep working hard at your practice and you will see the benefits. Good luck mate.


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                Cheers mate, really enjoying it at the mo. The missus isn't too pleased about my new hobby though haha


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                  Hows the practice going now Joey?