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Hello! Trying to get 2 cues appraised...

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  • Hello! Trying to get 2 cues appraised...

    Hey all, new to forum. Not sure if i should be posting this elsewhere...
    I have inherited 2 cues from my grandad. They are both Tele-Cue extendable/telescopic cues. One is maple and (i'm guessing) older - there are patent and reg. numbers on the butt. The second is ash, seems like a later model of the same cue. No detail on butt. Better quality and balance. Both are poker straight.
    These have huge sentimental value to me - they were the cues my grandad used to teach me snooker as a nipper. I dont think i'd ever sell them but the whole family is intrigued as to their value.
    They may turn out not to be worth much, but so far I have had a lot of difficulty finding forums and threads that discuss this cue in particular. The best thing i have found to date was a picture of the older one on an antique cue website.

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    The Tele-Cue came out in the mid-80s but was not around for that long and came in two models, the X12 and the X16 depending on the length of extension, 12" and 16" respectively.
    What are the numbers on the butt? - I now see them on the Heritage site
    I would say not that valuable.
    If they play nice to you, use them
    Up the TSF!