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  • New Link Side Europe

    Our New Side for Pool and Snooker in Europe is online:
    We need your help to find Links to Associations and Snooker Clubs.
    Please send us Your Datas with the Formular from my Page.
    Thanks a lot for your Help.
    Best Regards
    itti form Germany

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    what an unusual post for a newbie.... just try google for starters. and are easy enough to find.

    Can you tell us a bit more about what you're doing? I've just flicked on the site and it seems like you're trying to show everyone how to find all the pool and snooker clubs and leagues around europe through a mapping site?
    Head Still... Follow Through... Keep it Tight... Never Give Up... Ton 'em if you can!


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      I Try to explane

      Our side is in the first line for Players who be not in a Club or in a assosiation. Its for every body who is looking for a chance to play.
      If you look to google you find so many sides, but not the right place, in the most time.
      Our side will show you the Place in your near in 3-or 4 easy clicks ( after the Side is ready ).
      After we get enough Links and Datas from Clubs and Assosiations, we go to anonce our side in in Searchengings so that it is allways on Top10 if you surch for Billard, Snooker, Playhalls, Tournament and so on.
      On our Side you can search by a map, in 3-5 Steps to your Town. But we have to do a lot of work in the next time to find all the places, so i hope to get help from the Players and post in some different Forums.


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        What about the clubs and leagues that don't have websites? Do they get a mention?

        If so, John Virgo's directory might have something you can use.

        And off the top of my head, has links to three clubs around where I live.

        PS - It's 'site', not 'side'.


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          Thanks, thats a nice Tip. But I think the most of them be Play-Bars and not Associations, so it will be a comercial Announcement in my list, but i take only arround 2,- Pound from them to be listed ( not 15,- like ).
          If they dont have a link its no Problem, the get also listed (see the list from France, i think, they dont know what a Website is ).
          But i will see if someone of them want to do a Announcement on my new Side, Thanks a lot.


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            ITS 'SITE' NOT 'SIDE'


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              I'm so sorry, next time i'll remember !


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                Am I Reverse_Site then itti 8-)I like your idea; it should be easy to use your site and find your nearest club and/or League.
                Head Still... Follow Through... Keep it Tight... Never Give Up... Ton 'em if you can!