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  • Oxfordshire snooker

    I am playing snooker again after a long time away.

    I don't have anybody to play against and wondered if anybody in oxfordshire fancies a game? Break wise I'm in the 20's and currently play at thame

    Anybody local want a game?

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    welcome to TSF
    "after a long time" - so many do the same

    I hope you find a playing partner or two - which club/s do you go to?
    Up the TSF!


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      Thame snooker club, its really nice and friendly club

      it would be good to find a few people to play against


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        see if they have a league going on..could be a district league or a singles league... good way of getting some playing partners..


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          Hi mate that’s for reply

          i thought about going a league not sure of standard, they have 3 leagues by the look of it

          does anybody here play in a league? Know what sort of breaks people are getting?


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            Dont worry about the standard - what it does is give you a range of players to pit yourself against plus experience match play plus affords opportunity to get various playing partners.. also once you start hitting 30 plus breaks regularly then start playing a bit of billiards.. it teaches you good skills that are transferable to snooker.. years ago after I levelled off at snooker I took up billiards and it definately helped ..especially when in the balls and break building. If you try Billiards then try to do it properly rather than be pot happy... you will gain the most that way.


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              Thanks mate

              my plan was to get back into game which I have done by joining

              but practicing on my own

              then to join a league later in year but guess i might as well join sooner
              i will have a google of leagues in Oxfordshire


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                Without sounding stupid,
                how does league genuinely work?
                Singles league where you just play loads of people once a week?
                or a team where you play in a group?


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                  Hi Adam, - they can be both. Team leagues generally operate via playing for one of the club team against other clubs. Singles leagues mostly operate within a club (mostly handicapped). Years ago there used to be a few home table leagues for those people lucky enough to have a table at home. If I had not had moved a few months ago I would have dropped by to play you - lived in Berkshire worked in High Wycombe - always used the back roads to go to and from from work so Thame was not much out of my way. If I was you, then go for Team league as you play once per week but you also get the opportunity to play your team mates as playing partners.


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                    Thanks mate

                    might your ever wanting a game let me know,

                    i have put a post in here and no one in this area wants a game, I will ask at the club ref joining league