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    Originally posted by Shockerz View Post


    Can you elaborate a bit. It's nice to see how things are moving and in what fashion; some of us have websites and already use the different forms of social media so can help push it when we see it on there.

    I tried a little push to get a few new members about a month ago but all the guys gave up as they couldn't actually become a new member.

    I'd have a little look to make sure the new membership procedure is solid first as all I did was pee the guys off trying to sign in.

    All these promotions are good as long as we get them in the right order and know some of the functions are solid first.

    If you can keep the forum members what you are doing and where on social media i'm sure the guys will find it and support it.
    ‘this issue has been highlighted and we are working towards resolving this ASAP before moving forward.


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      as Luke has said, I have had a chat with the techie today and the issue of new member registration as well as Reset Password is priority and is being worked on
      Up the TSF!