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    Since we already have those subforums now, it would be a pity not to use them. But I'm pretty busy so please forgive me, if it's a bit loveless.

    Here's the draw:

    Back to Best-of-7, so it's hard to predict the winner, cause there will be lots of upsets in the first rounds.

    Section 1 favourites: Allen, Carter, Gary Wilson. Would nice to see McGill make a decent run finally once again though.

    Section 2 favourites: Hawkins, Kyren Wilson.
    Wilson has a tough opener against Vafaei though. Wouldn't be surprised if he went out early. Could also imagine that Tom Ford goes deep here.

    Section 3 favourites: Higgins, Lisowski. Especially the latter one got a very nice draw here with the out-of-form Ryan Day the only possible player in the first three rounds, who's among the Top 70.

    Section 4 favourites: Neil Robertson, Maguire.
    The best section IMO. Highly interesting first-rounder between Un-Nooh and Liang. And the winner plays then then winner of Milkins-Bond in the second round. Also here is Zhou Yuelong. And I personally would love to see the resurrection of Marco Fu.

    Section 5 favourites: O'Sullivan, who opens against Dale, Yan. 2nd round could be a rematch between O'Sullivan and Cahill.

    Section 6 favourites: Bingham, who has another interesting opener against Stevens, Selby. Some possible dangers here though with Jimmy Robertson, Maflin, Li and O'Donnell.

    Section 7 favourites: Murphy. And if he goes out early maybe Gilbert or one of the young chinese guys.

    Section 8 favourites: Trump and Ding, who could meet in the round of 16. Also here: Saengkham, Dott, Zhao, Yuan and Michael White.