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    Originally posted by peterpackage View Post
    LOL instead of Judd v Ronnie, we get Selby v Gilbert (they did earn it). Selby v Gilbert is for hardcore snooker fans only, like die hard fans, like really die hard fans, like people on this forum die hards fans, like really really really diehard fans

    Ronnie v Judd would have had a chance of drawing casual sports fans away from football/MMA/Boxing/Basketball/tennis etc

    Selby v Gilbert, not so much
    That seems really harsh. It's a repeat of a ranking final from earlier this season. Gilbert is a very solid top16 player these days, pushing for a top8 place in fact, and he plays a type of snooker that is very easy on the eyes. He was outstanding against Trump yesterday. And then there is Selby, obviously not everyone's cup of tea, but for sheer quality of snooker, you can't do much better. This pairing seems perfectly reasonable for a ranking semi-final, and I don't think there is any reason to single it out when the other pairing is Allen-Lisowski.


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      So is Allan Taylor just being a compare these days then? Has he given up on a pro career?
      No cheap shots...well maybe the odd one if its funny...


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        Originally posted by Cue crafty View Post

        Lolz yeh agreed, Selbys response by grabbing and spreading was brilliant! Utter BS.
        That was great. I did this with a colleague all the time, cause I don't care about that child gesture.


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          Originally posted by Odrl View Post
          It must be the first time in years that he got a shot first time, no wonder he didn't want to try it again.
          Almost. Though even funnier there was an occasion earlier this season, when Ronnie was in the studio as well and they both were asked to repeat a shot (by Trump I think). And White got it the first time, while Ronnie needed 3 attempts.