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Championship League Snooker 2013 - final day

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  • Championship League Snooker 2013 - final day

    Cracking start to the last day, Hawkins beats Higgins 3-0 with a century and Gould beats Carter 3-0 with back to back centuries. Last final group games being played this afternoon and semi-finals and final this evening. Tight in the round robin at the moment though Ding looks through to the last four having earned least of all the final group players with Maguire earning the most and not making the finals group! Sure to go down to frame difference to get the top four sorted.

    Streamed by World Snooker and all betting websites as it's mainly arranged for them. Good to see top level snooker played more informally and friendly particularly with misses being called and the refs and players having to guess where the balls were.

    Fu made five centuries in winning group 7 this week and has made two so far in the finals group, him or Hawkins to win overall for me.

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    And DingĀ“s continuing his heavy scoring. He must have made at least three total clearances yesterday.
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      Hope you guys haven't bet anything on that Allen-Higgins match. It's a very funny match honestly, but both are playing horrible, some weird break-off shots, missing easy balls and stuff. Just like they wanna lose and get to China asap.