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    Can anyone explain the new format. I'm all for all 128 playing each other, but I thought it was played down to the last thirtytwo in England, but the Wuxi has the last sixtyfour going to China. Do all sixtyfour get guaranteed money to cover expenses. Also why isn't the Goldfields Open played under this format. Why do the top sixteen get a free ride when five of the top sixteen refused to play last year.

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    Yes mate, all the losing 64 players are guaranteed money..... Whether it'll cover there travelling expenses is another question.

    Here's the total breakdown all the Wuxi,

    Winner: £80,000
    Runner-up: £35,000
    Semi-final: £20,000
    Quarter-final: £11,500
    Last 16: £8,000
    Last 32: £6,500
    Last 64: £3,000
    Non-televised highest break: £0
    Televised highest break: £2,000
    Non-televised maximum break: £3,000
    Total: £470,000

    I don't know the exact reason for the Austrailian Goldfields not being touched but I would have a guess that it's got some with the contract they signed with the sponsors.....
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