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    Is it my imagination or is there a lot more sponsorship this year. Is Barry Hearn "doing the business" for the players or are they doing deals for themselves?
    Ronnie has a deal with a coffe company.
    Judd has a BurgerKing sticker in his waistcoat.
    Higgins is sponsored by STAR tables.
    McGill has Litetask.
    Bingham has Swiss Watches.
    Hawkins has O Min
    Stevens has Castelll Howell.
    Allan has Northern Ireland Connections
    Selby, Dott, Robbo, Ding have Chinese sponsors.
    Quite a variety?
    PS Murphy seems to have a teddy bear which I think is a charity.

    Anyone know how this whole thing works? I assume the main sponsor BETFRED puts up the prize money and then the players do their own thing?
    My gripe is I feel that some of this sponsorship money should filter down to the lower ranked players. Even a couple of grand would help a young lad pay his expenses to a PTC.
    Rant over.

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    The players arrange their own - Ali Carter is sponsored by his mate's holiday park company.

    Likewise, Ronnie was recently complaining to the New Yorker that he used to be able to earn thousands more from sponsorship than he does now. Poor little rich kid.