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Semi-Final Ticket(Thu 7PM) For Sale

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  • Semi-Final Ticket(Thu 7PM) For Sale

    Because my mate couldn't really afford to go, but always wanted to see Ronnie live, I got two tickets for Thursday night's session. I'm still going, obviously he is not, so before I return it to the box office, I thought I'd hawk it on here.

    I've always complained about ticket touts ripping off fans and I wouldn't do it myself, so I'm just asking face value, which I think is 43 quid.

    If anyone's interested, let me know by phone, text or forum before midday. After that, I'll ring the box office and ask them to resell it.

    My number is 07939 916728 - don't worry about what time it is, as if I'm awake I'll answer and if I'm asleep, I won't hear it!