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    Originally posted by Stony152 View Post
    Instead of spending time getting tattoos, he should invest the time in a sports psychologist or a coach that he'll actually listen too. He's still young, but if things don't change he's going to go down as a guy with huge talent who wasted it by continually brain cramping. When playing doubles he seemed to think things through a bit more, but in singles he went for almost everything and his safety play was mostly atrocious. And his last shot of the match was left handed after about 3 seconds of thought.

    I don't know why, but I really cheer for the guy and I really wish he would sometimes activate his brain before his cue. He got Belgium to the quarters purely on talent. That's how much ability he has, but if he married that ability with some tactical acumen he could be a truly elite player and challenge for multiple big titles.
    Totally agree. He's a player who I root for the most. He has some Ronnie O'Sullivan qualities in the way he plays. He seems like a really nice lad too.


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      Originally posted by Odrl View Post
      Another victory for China then, three in row for them.

      Nice comeback from 3-1 down in the final, thanks mostly to Ding Junhui, but unfortunately the quality of snooker wasn't particularly impressive.

      The World Cup is a nice idea in theory, but in practice I think this format is a little underwhelming and could do with a few improvements.
      I agree. I guess having so many teams and matches to play in the groups it needed to be a quickfire event but sadly this was to the detriment of the overall quality of play.

      The format does need a rethink. I think the semi and final should have been over a longer format. Its still pretty much a lottery and in no way were China the best team of the tournament. England were the strongest overall and I think a longer best of 11 would have seen them crowned winners. The doubles should be scrapped for me, its not a format that is played at pro level and doesn't really allow players freedom to play properly.