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    I was wondering do the head to meetings count when a player receives a walkeover or a bye over their opponent into a next round of an event for example Stuart Bingham was due to play Robbie Williams in the International Championship, but because of His ban he will not be able to play in the event and the current head to head meeting shows Stuart Bingham 4 wins Robbie Williams 0 Wins, so will this become 1 win for Robbie Williams against Stuart Bingham. Ross Muir in the European Open received bye over Anthony Hamilton (who is able to play and not banned), the head to head shows Anthony Hamilton 2 Wins Ross Muir 0 so will this become 1 win for Ross Muir against Anthony Hamilton or do the career meetings remain the same for the players, does anybody know the answer to this.
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    Well, these are just stats really, so it depends on what source you are using. Personally, I would not record walkover wins in two players' head-to-head record, since no match actually took place. CueTracker doesn't count walkover wins either, for example.