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  • Shootout

    I just heard the commentator say one of the players is an amateur from Leeds....was this event open to anyone which had qualifiers to get to the TV stages?

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    amateurs would be invited if a pro dropped out
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      Just been today to watch this. Never again. It's awful to watch live over watching on TV. My biggest hatred was the football hooligan style chanting and the idiot's doing it. Why do they all think they are funny? Laughing at their own heckling and purposely looking for attention. Some shoutouts were tasteful and funny but 90% of them were utterly embarrassing and typical of your typical cocky loud mouth drunken loser. Secondly, the quality of snooker was appalling. I honestly got to the point that I couldn't care less what was happening. Lastly, it was a slog. No 15 min mid session breaks. I couldn't wait to go home. How the hell is this ever a ranking event?
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