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    Just wanted to ask what channel is the next tournament on. Also other tournaments that are not broadcasted on english tv.

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    Paul Hunter will be on Eurosport player from tomorrow, but not on UK Eurosport TV channels from what I cant see
    May be on Eurosport International.

    Next would be 6-Reds Mon 3/9-Sat 8/9 maybe on British ES and player.

    Mon 10/9 - 16/9 Shanghai Master should be on British ES and player.

    Mon 24/9 - 30/9 China Championship I hope will be on British Eurosport as I have booked of that week
    Up the TSF!


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      Ok thanks for the information wish they would hace all tournaments on tv.


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        don't we all!

        The thing is Eurosport spouts on about how many more hours of coverage they are scheduling but the bulk of the increase is 'Player' hours not TV.
        I have the Player so I get my fix but I do really prefer it on the TV with commentary, punditry, etc.

        Just checked, on British ES Paul Hunter is not shown at all!
        Only the Player!
        Shame British ES
        anyone have International ES, is it on there?
        Up the TSF!