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draw for today and again rubbish WS website

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  • draw for today and again rubbish WS website


    I missed last nights action but it seems some good matches again McManus vs Un Nooh seems to have been the best.

    Away was the draw for today done yet or it is done before the start of play today ?

    No info on the wb site as per normal even on the schedule page in fact they don't even have last nights draw up yet. Guess when they are to busy propably enjoying the event for free its hard to find the time to fill the paying public in.

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    The Draw will be made just before the start of today's play at 2 PM, Willie Thorne made a muck up of the last 32 Draw, so hopefully they will get Neal Foulds to do the last 16 draw this afternoon
    Ronnie O' Sullivan seven times the record breaking Snooker Master


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      cheers, i saw the first draw and was laughing, couldn't the pair on them spot all the black balls were numbers past 40 !

      Also the single numbers don't tend to have a zero in front and 6/9 have underscores as they twigged in the end.

      Shame though as not much time to go and put a bet on, oh well as I lost all my profit from the championship already via first round bets I suppose thats no bad thing.

      Still i can make break even by Allen , Lisowski or Un-nooh winning, going of my luck this weekend 2 of them will play each other next !