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    Originally posted this in the wrong place. I'm going to the final tomorrow. Never been to any tournament before, what can I expect outside of the arena in terms of exhibitions etc? Any tips for the day as a whole?


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    I guess there's not many people on here that go to these things...


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      Not been to the masters so can't really help. At least they have a table outside the arena which will probably be used for some practice stuff if there is a coach present. They might do a competition like pot as many reds in 1 minute but it all depends on the set up for the day. I actually think you'll enjoy watching it live as opposed to the TV because you do see things that don't come across on TV, you can feel the tension in the arena and its quite different being there.

      Feel a little sorry for you though if Selby drags the game down as he often does in order to try and win because you don't have the option of getting up and going for a drink or the toilet, I can be very boring being there without having anything to distract you like using your mobile to check the internet, depending on where you are sat of course. I just hope the final is entertaining and not like last night. Probably a bit too late to post this now as you are likely on the way.


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        Thanks for the reply. It was pretty much as you predicted. One table outside with a few timed games going on. To be honest outside of the makeshift arena it was freezing so didn't spend much time there.

        Selby really delivered on the night, he's got a lot more character than I thought when you see him live. The whole week really summed up why he's quite rightly number one in the world. Dragging games out might be annoying but it's a great strength to be able to "win ugly", and when he plays well, as he did in the final (regardless of what Robertson was up to) he can beat (or at least match) anyone on the circuit.

        Great day and a great atmosphere in the final session. A few Selby haters shouting abuse but most of them left before the end. Probably had pool matches