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Buying tickets for the Welsh Open

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  • Buying tickets for the Welsh Open

    Buying tickets for the Welsh Open turns out to be something of a challenge. I just tried to do it by phone the: First I tried the Newport Centre box office, which is closed at the weekend, and a nice lady transferred my call to the Riverfront box office. There I was hung up on. I tried calling them directly, but after some time on hold the call was ended, too.

    Now, I would consider buying the tickets online, but I haven't figured out a way of not purchasing them separately. If anyone can tell me how I can buy tickets for all sessions with a single booking I'd be very grateful... Has anyone managed to do that yet? (I think the system is the same for all/a lot of tournaments.)

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    Yep i had the same problem when i booked mine - would take forever to book them all as singles online so i'd definately recommend booking over the phone. And despite previous phone problems, which i had too, they get there in the end...
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      Are they on sale? I need to sort one out. Usually I do it by ringing the Newport Centre, and there is no problem.


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        Yes, they are on sale. I managed to get through to the box office today and the guy there was very helpful and patient. It turns out that they will have the all days tickets, which are already available online, on offer starting on 1 November. That's when the half price offer will have ended. So I guess I will buy the tickets for the first five days online and the rest over the phone (to be able to choose where I sit as that's restricted online). Couldn't be easier, could it ;o)


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          I like the Welsh Open, but can't have any time off in February next year. Am planning to attend the day with the semi-finals on though. I'll get on that soon.


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            Ordered a ticket for all day Saturday semi-final. Unfortuntely, can get no time off in Feburary next year. So I am planning to travel up after work and arrive in Newport about 9pm-ish and spend the day there Saturday. Travel back Sunday early, and watch the final on television.


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              Originally posted by Big AD
              Back in the capital this year more expensive tickets than Newport but more appealing venue I think
              was there last year, got to say initial impressions, I preferred Newport as a snooker venue
              The tickets were only slightly more expensive (~£5 a day ticket more if I recall).
              I did like the seven cubicles behind the main four tables, but Newport had only four tables so you could see every match if you wished
              Cardiff has some factors to fix before this year's event.
              squeaking seating/steps, noisy toilet doors and noisy hand dryers which could be heard in the playing area; they need to be cordoned off somehow to separate them from the open arena and dampen the noise.
              Rocking and noisy access panels in the floor which again could be heard in the playing area.

              miss the Newport swimming pool

              unfortunately not going to Cardiff this year
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                just got the old tickets out

                Newport 2014 for all day tickets
                Mon to Thu - £10@ = £40
                Fri - £25
                Sat - £30
                Sun - £35
                total = £130

                Cardiff 2015 Final Sunday two sessions all day ticket £45.00
                Mon to Thu - £9.16@ = £36.64
                Fri - £29.96
                Sat - £40.50
                Sun - £45
                total = £152.10

                average £3.15 more a day, good value and probably the cheapest major event to go to

                Hotels close to the venue are more expensive than Newport and are started to fill up last September when tickets came on sale.

                now, why am I not going this year!?!
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                  Now you mention it, I am going to the semi finals and the final again this year.

                  I got tickets to the Ibis hotel opposite like I did last year. They were about £20 a night more expensive. I was tempted to go to the Premier Inn next door, as they had an offer on. Decided to stick with the one I knew I enjoyed. But if I go a third year, I might think otherwise if the prices stay this way.

                  It's crept up on me, a bit. Only a couple of weeks to go now.

                  And I agree. Newport was a better venue, had more atmosphere. Maybe Cardiff will be better a second year, now they are used to running it.


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                    let us know what you make of it 2nd time round
                    when I called Ibis and Premier at the time the tickets came on sale, both were full for the whole week!
                    don't forget the "snooker fan meal offer" at the pub just round the corner, you enjoyed that roast beef dinner (IIRC) last year
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                      I pretty much bagged the last tickets for the weekend at Ibis. Had to do it telephonically. I wonder if there is some event going on in Cardiff. The hotel wasn't full of snooker fans last year. Might explain the increase in prices this year. Could've gone to Premier for cheaper, which I'm sure is a great hotel, but I am a creature of habit.

                      At some point, I'm going to have to phone and confirm my reservation, just in case.

                      Yes, and I do remember that. I might go in there again. As I recall, the food in the hotel was quite nice also. Decisions..