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  • Audience rules?


    I'm a newbie here looking for some advice.

    I'm off to the Welsh Open on Thursday, which will be my first live snooker day out. The morning session starts at 10am (, do I need to be there and seated before this time? Will I be allowed in after this time? It is a good 2.5 hours to get to Cardiff, so if I can go in mid-session that would be ideal!

    There are 8 tables on the go, so I wondered can I move in to a different viewing area between frames?

    Any other advice also appreciated!!

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    Take a plenty of bags of crisps with you and some cans of pop that you give a good shake to before opening B)


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      Audience rules?

      Thursday is still open seating so you can go to another table.
      come as early as you can but if the session has started the staff will hold you until the frame has finished.
      outside they display the players per table so you can get an idea of where you want to go.
      wear soft soled shoes not wooden clompers. no plastic bags, no cans or fizzy bottles.
      No huge back packs, bags will be searched outside and nothing worse than a backpacker trying to move through the narrow aisles
      do not move seats when players are at the table (any table that you could be in sight of) or you will get an evil eye from the referee or even a player
      hope you enjoy the event

      Oh, and turn your phone ringtones and notifications to silent!
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        I can't remember which session it was but in the Grand Prix some spectators were allowed in after the frame had started and Ronnie was at the table when they came in. The ref told them to quickly take their seats and Ronnie didn't look happy for a moment. I thought he was going to complain but he didn't and let it go probably because the ref was so quick to tell them to hurry up. Big fail from whoever was supposed to keep latecomers waiting until the frame had finished.


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          Fab thanks for the info and advice! :-D


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            I'll be there on Thursday too, but for meetings!
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              Audience rules?

              Suelio - how was your day?
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