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    Last Friday I organised an exhibition and brought Jimmy White to the Q Bar. I was amazed that 170 turned up to our small club in the middle of Summer. I was complimented by many people that myself and my partners which include Ricky Walden have breathed a little life back into Snooker in the City of Chester. Everyone said, let us know when the next one is, really looking forward to it. I have organised now a couple of dozen exhibitions now and feel quite confident that I could organise them anywhere at no cost to the clubs in question. So I am going to give it a try and organise Snooker in various areas of the UK.

    so if you were to have an exhibition in your area.

    a) where would be you chosen venue.

    b) where is the venue located

    c) how many people would your chosen venue seat.

    d) as a visitor to an exhibition, what is the most you would pay?

    e) How much would you pay to come to the exhibition and play a frame (inc entry)?

    f) Ideally, who would you like to play in your area.

    g) What is your local snooker league (s)

    h) would you envisage an event of this nature being popular.

    i) would you prefer a pro v locals or a pro v pro

    j) Does your venue already have a match table set up?

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    so for example my next 3 exhibitons that im doing my answers would be:

    a: Q Bar Chester.
    b: Chester (Cheshire)
    c: 170
    d: £20
    e: £40
    f: Steve Davis.
    g: Chester League & Deeside League
    h: Yes, very.
    i: pro v local players.
    j: yes, it is a snooker club

    a: Northgate Arena
    b: Chester (Cheshire)
    c: 850
    d: £20
    e: £40
    f: Ronnie O Sullivan
    g: Chester League & Deeside League
    h: extremely popular
    i: pro v pro
    j: No, a table would need to be installed.

    a: Morda Village Hall
    B: Oswestry Shropshire.
    c: 200
    d: £15
    e: £40
    f: Jimmy White
    g: Oswestry League & Whitchurch League within 20 miles
    h: yes.
    i: pro V Locals
    j: the club has a table but the function room does not.


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      how much is it these days to book the likes of jimmy white and ronnie or steve ??
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        not 100% sure but i think jimmy white charges £4000


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          Originally posted by ste bed View Post
          not 100% sure but i think jimmy white charges £4000
          How much to get Alex Higgins over for a dinner party?




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            Lee... humour aside... I think the logic layout of the costs and other factors involved is very clear and your service looks to be spot on. I only wish we, here in Canada, had this kind of exposure to quality and intimate snooker evenings like yours.

            Best of Luck!




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              Venue - Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire.

              PPL - 30-40

              Price - £25

              Player - Jimmy
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                if anyone know of anything going on in essex or 50 miles around let me know i'm all for watching someone who knows what they're doing!!!!
                just coz i'm from essex i dont wear white socks or drive an escort!!! alright