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Setting The reds... and free ball

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  • Setting The reds... and free ball

    As you can all see from my picture i am currently making a new triangle for our club out of some MDF, but before i can say it finished i need to find out what the exact distance is between the apex red and the pink ball so that i can install the pink spot pointer at the correct position.

    Each time i ask someone i seem to get different points of view such as, as close as possible without touching the reds, or 5mm and or 10mm away from the reds. So i would be really gratefull if someone could give me a definitive answer to the question ,how far should the reds be away from the pink?

    New Tri.jpg

    While here could i please ask about the free ball rule,
    if a player makes a foul break of without actually touching any other ball and lets say the white ball ends up 2" down from the pink ball with a clear unobstructed 'side on' view of all the reds which are still perfectly in their triangle formation, does the next player have a free ball because he from this position cannot 'see' both side of a red even though it is only reds that are stopping him doing so?

    Many thanks for the help with these two questions fella's
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    The apex red should be placed as close as possible to the pink without touching it.

    With regard to the free ball question, no - you cannot be snookered on a red by a red so in the situation you describe, it is not a free ball.


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      a full size snooker ball is 52mm in diameter, radius of 26mm
      so the apex red should be 26.1mm away from the pink spot
      probably to cater for cloth conditions and spot conditions, maybe 28mm maybe safer.
      Have you done any trials with temp pointers?
      Anyone with the referee triangle we see on TV that can do some measurements?
      You do realise that these TV triangle are not that expensive
      Do you have rollers underneath as well?

      free ball
      and More than one red on the table section
      I think the essential line is:
      "If any one red is NOT snookered by a colour, then no free ball can be called."
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      Up the TSF!


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        Hi Statman & Dean,
        many thanks for your thoughts and input, Dean i did a Google search for these 'pro' type racks, but they all came back with price tags of around £85.00, so while this one has taken four hours to build from scratch, at just over £12.00 I'm happy with the saving..
        Also It does not have rollers but does have four glides.

        cheers guys