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how do you know the perfect cue length for yourself when buying a new cue

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  • how do you know the perfect cue length for yourself when buying a new cue

    hi guys
    how would i be able to determine the correct cue length for me, i am in the process of buying a cue and would like this information, could any one please help?

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    Unless you're remarkably tall or short, I would suggest 58" would be fine...

    I'm a shade under 6'2" and i play with a 58" cue.


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      Around shoulder hights fine. just see whats best for you.
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        If you do a search on here you'll find loads of info.


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          Just try a few cues and see what feels nice.

          My cue is 58" and I'm only 5' 8". Doesn't stop me knocking in 16 breaks for fun
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            When the rear arm is hanging straight from the elbow to the wrist and the player is set in the natural position..there should be 12" of cue left hanging through the a rough guide


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              Here's a post from yesterday by Trevor White a top cuemaker

              Originally posted by trevs1 View Post
              Hi Mat91,

              Getting a cue made to your own specifications and design is fine, as long as you either....

              A) Have some idea of what you'd like in terms of shape and size for the cue, or...

              B) Are not particularly used to using anything, and would be able to adapt to a new cue.

              If you are a regular player and know what you want, then it's perhaps a straightforward process and should be fine. However, if you are not sure what you may like in relation to the shape and size of the cue, it could be more tricky. Having said that, there is no reason why you should not go for it, because working out what should feel ok is not that much of a problem.

              If you are of fairly average height (maybe between 5' 10" and 6' 2", then a cue of more or less standard length will be fine. 57.5" to 58" suits most people of this height range. Similarly, a good choice in ferrule size is perhaps 9.5mm to 9.7mm and a standard butt diameter of approx 30mm should feel good too. Weights are a little more tricky to determine as some people prefer more and some less, but as a guide, anything between 17.5oz's and 18.5oz's is usually a good bet, with 17.75 / 18oz's being about what most would choose.

              Apart from the dimensions, you'll need to decide on design, and this is personal preference and is for you to choose. The only issue you may have is in the lead time Parris might have, as for certain cues, 11 months may well not be long enough. Call or emial and ask the question, that's not going to be difficult and will let you know exactly what is achieveable.

              At the end of it all, even fi you did not like the cue, you would always be able to sell it on and possibly not lose any money at all.

              Good luck with your decision and enjoy Sheffield next year.


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                I am 5'11" and use a 59 inch cue and my friend is 6'1" and he uses a 56.5 inch cue. All depends on what you comfortable with.


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                  If you started young and grew to be six foot plus while playing with a standard length cue then it will suit you as you have adapted to it over time.
                  However if starting to play as a fully grown adult then a cue that fits your height is probably a must as you will need to be comfortable in your stance, especially if you're six foot plus. Measure from the floor to the top of the shoulder and that should suit you but if you're a short arse then a standard length will be ok, no need for anything shorter than 57 inches, even if you're five foot two.


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                    I'm 5'7" and use a 53" cue often referred to as a toothpick, younger I played at the highest level and won 95% of my Snooker matches, in fact, also have a few Billiard trophies on my mantle.


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                      6'2" - 58.5"
                      6ft - 58"
                      5'10 - 57.5"
                      5'8" - 57"

                      this is not a bad guide to go by...
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