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  • Backswing Length Question

    Hey people. Hope you all doing well.. I have a quick question here. What are your thoughts over having a consistent backswing length no matter what power you applying (Mark Selby) VS using backswing length to determine the power level.

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    Do some research on here as this question has already been the topic of a few strings. Basically it's whatever the player feels is best for him, either controlling the power through the length of backswing or else have a long backswing all the time and control the power by using less acceleration.

    There is another string on here where CoachGavin says he teaches different length backswing (like Terry Griffiths) since using a longer backswing on low power shots can lead to decelderation through the cueball (clutching the cue). I agree with this and have noticed that except for Mark Selby most pros will use a shorter backswing on low power shots, even Ronnie and Murphy.

    Terry Davidson
    IBSF Master Coach & Examiner


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      I agree with Terry, having a consistent back swing length on all shots can lead to deceleration on low power shots, or difficulty judging the pace. Also, I personally feel it is not necessary to bring the cue all the way back unless you are playing a power shot. I find it more difficult to strike the cue ball accurately with that length of back swing but if you have the ability to still hit the cue ball where you want to, even with a long back swing, then it won't hurt to build it into your game for more than just the power shots, as your cue action is more likely to be smooth.


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        Ok thanks a lot. Only issue I am having now is to determine whether I am using a consistent acceleration on shots with different back swing lengths. Is it that you should swing the forearm at the same speed regardless of the back swing length?


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          Try to feel to length of the back swing. I think it is important that you recognize when the back swing starts and turns into the delivery in your head. Also I think the length of to back swing depends how much you use your wrist and arm together. I am not sure the following questions:
          Does the grip pressure affect the length of the backswing?
          Does using a wrist motion affect the lenght? (I think it does)

          I think you must have an idea in your head how much you are using a wrist and arm? Any thoughts?


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            The acceleration happens when you use your wrist and arm together. If you only use less wrist and more arm, or the other way round, then the acceleration varies.
            I think when people talks about back swing length, too little attention is placed what actually happens in your delivery hand.


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              Yah good info you gat there. I will try the more wrist less arm and vise versa method as soon as i get the chance. On the grip pressure usually when too tight the backswing length reduces, and more wrist and elbow drop can help lengthen the backswing on the same plane.