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Rules quetion black ball game

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  • Rules quetion black ball game

    I was 2 points in front on a black ball game and went in off my opponent said that it was frame because if you foul on a black ball game then you lose the frame is this right it was not a re spot either.

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    Yes game over, if you were allowed to carry on in the hope your opponent fouled the game would never end !!


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      You don't lose the frame because you fouled the black, you lose because your opponent has more points than you.

      If you were on a high break and were more than seven points in front on the black and then fouled the black, you still win.

      Tim Dunkley (World Snooker coach)


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        When only black remains on the table, the first pot or foul ends the game. Whoever has the most points after the points from the pot or foul are put on the scoreboard, that player wins. Unless of course the point sare then level, in which case there is a re-spotted black.


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          this exact situation happened to me today. i was 3 points behind with only the black remaining, my opponent attempted a pot on the black and the white went in the pocket.

          i said that's it i have won, he said no you are 4 points ahead with the foul and that he could still win if he potted the black. i wasn't sure so i agreed to carry on and trying to pot the black which was near the pink spot from the D i got very close but ended up rattling the jaws and the black stayed over the pocket for an easy pot.

          i was 5-0 up at the time so this would have made it 6-0 .

          well now i know if this happened again