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Use 2 cues for competition and play

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  • Use 2 cues for competition and play

    I have been using a new cue for 4 months and found that it is good in break building than my old one. I prefer to use the old one in long shot and other hard shots. Is it a good idea to use two cues?

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    I have often thought about this, but the conclusion I came to was better to have one cue, as the constant swapping and changing would ruin your consistency and cause you to over think your shots. Would also slow your development as a player, you need to find a happy medium with tip size and weight etc and develop your game around it.
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      often tennis, badminton, or even football players have more than one main tool in their bag but do remember that no two cues are similar... but as long as you feel good, I think it should be OK for you. I myself prefer one cue unless I can find a almost similar feeling cue, say like 95% feeling same.


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        I also have to agree that it would affect your consistency and take you away from getting into the zone. Also would add that if you have any doubts about your cue being absolutely perfect, that also will affect your stroke because its in the back of your mind. And then what do you do about shots that are neither one nor the other? Perhaps try some different tips and see if you can make the new cue play a little bit like the old one? And then eventually, you won't care for the old cue anymore. I also went through the same doubts with my current cue but later found that I could play a wider range of shots with the new cue. 4 months isn't that much time really. Are you spending some good hours on the practice table? If it's just match play, you really must get on the table solo and spend some quality time.

        However, having said all that, proof is in the pudding. if you can make 2 cues work, then go for it.
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          Many thanks for all the advices~
          Yes, I have used two cues to play with friends, and it was not easy to handle. I have spent more time to practice and tried a wide range of tips. Now, I am keeping using the new cue with a pressed blue diamond cue tip. It gave me better feel, and accuracy. While, I have change a little on the form in order to deliver better. 1976956_10152387362913519_7826456141933434720_n.jpg

          Hope my improvement can go on