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soft, medium, hard tips. What's the difference?

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  • soft, medium, hard tips. What's the difference?

    So I currently use an elk master tip. Not by choice I just always have, never tried anything else.

    Was just wondering are are the benefits and disadvantages of soft medium and hard tips?

    I guess I play ok with the elk master. Though I do miscue and jump the ball a lot when screwing the ball back. Not sure if it's the tip or just a dead spot in the tip from doing that many times

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    Unless the tip is shot to pieces it won't be the reason yr jumping the ball or miscueing...I would hazard a guess its your technique,you are probably dipping on the cue ball or cueing far too low on the white.
    Regarding types of tips its all about personal preference,although some tips certainly do suit certain shafts better.


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      Yeah, it won't be the tip that's causing you to miscue. It will be technique related.
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        I chip the white a lot as well, in fact I've become so good at it that I know when it's going to happen now, nothing to do with the tip, I can do it with any tip.

        I don't really know what the difference is between soft, medium or hard tips, I think it's just preference.


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          Chipping the ball is mainly technique related - to solve it try and go through the ball - as if its an egg shell that you are trying to crack - go through on an even plain accelerating as you do without over gripping - nice and smooth. You might also try aiming through the ball to imagine you are hitting the Object ball at 6 O' clock see if that helps.

          Many people learning or playing snooker and struggling with this type of shot - the screw shot believe quite wrongly they need to hit it harder to screw back and they tend to over grip this shot on impact with the white which causes this chipping.

          Screwing back is more about the timing of the shot in essence - practice it trying deliberately to make the white come back and hit the cue and try and stay still after spearing that white and try keeping still and keeping the cue forward after going through to get a feel of the shot. Edit - Oh yeah try and make sure your tip is domed properly as this will help perhaps
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