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  • When you miss

    Am I right in thinking that when I miss a shot by a country mile, or hit the wrong side of an easy straightish shot, it's more than likely a cueing problem, but if I'm close to the jaws it's more likely an aiming problem. Or could both just be a combination of the two?

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    At the top end of the game that would probably be generally true, but for us mere mortals could be any number of things.


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      Yes, could be both but the former is more likely, even for average players imo.

      I find that whenever I miss by a mile, it is because I visualised the shot incorrectly and that often cause me to put too much into it, which translates into all sorts of nightmarish results... jabbing, not following through, tensing up on the grip etc.

      The way for me to correct that would be to re-position the ball missed, if during practice and try again (and again) but with purpose, i.e. go through your pre-shot routine, the position you are trying to achieve etc. Visualise that you succeed in executing the shot. When you got it, make it second nature with more practice.
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