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Weird Re-rack when only Blue, Pink, and Black remaining?

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  • Weird Re-rack when only Blue, Pink, and Black remaining?

    i heard a friend talking that he saw a match between mark Williams and somebody else. there were only blue, pink, and black remaining, the game went into a stall for around 20 mins. then they ask for a re rack. can anybody confirm seeing this or linking the video to the match if its true?


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    It is true, but it wasn't Mark Williams.

    I believe this is the situation you are talking about: The eighth frame of the 1981 world final between Steve Davis and Doug Mountjoy. Davis led 49–48 and only the blue, pink and black remained. Following 31 shots that failed to resolve the situation of the black on the edge of the pocket with the blue alongside, referee John Williams gave the players a further three shots each to resolve the situation. No resolution ensued, and the frame was reset after 41 minutes’ play.


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      I believe it was either an EBSA or an IBSF Championship match a few years ago, when, in the final frame, the black was tight on the cushion, and neither player was willing to risk playing the cue ball with enough pace to get it down the table. After quite a number of shots the frame was re-started.
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        Thanks, thats very informative. Any video would be much appreciated.