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    I often wonder how the match statistics are worked out, lengths of frames, matches, etc. When does a frame begin, is it when the referee says 'x to break' or when the person breaking picks up the cue ball or puts his hand on the table? When does the frame end, when all the balls have stopped rolling? when the ref calls frame? What about match time? Is this just all the frame times added together or does it include the time between frames when balls are racked and players nip out?
    Also safety success which is expressed in percentages - how is this defined? Is it safe if your opponent cant pot one, although a pot can always be attempted virtually from any shot. Thanks

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    Frame begins when the turn of the striker starts - when cue ball is hit for the break off.
    Frame ends when turn of striker is over, when last ball has stops moving.

    That is my understanding from the rules but how they do it exactly on "TV", not sure; and I think the Match time is the addition of the frame times.

    Always wondered about the definition of the safety percentage myself

    ps, there was a thread about how do they define a "Long Shot" for the Long Shot Success percentage, and it seems that any shot over half the table length (6ft) is considered a Long Shot
    Up the TSF!


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      The safety percentage is simply when you play safe and your opponent does not pot from it.
      If half of your safety shots result in you opponent potting a ball that's a 50% safety success.


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        I would guess that professional matches where they use zappers with electronic scoreboards, it all depends on when the referee presses the start button at the beginning of the frame and when he clears the points to add to the frame score at the end.

        How do they deal with 'shots to nothing': Is a failed 'shot to nothing' counted as a failed pot or maybe as a successful safety shot? Or both?
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