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Snooker cushion height for 8" snooker table with 2''(50mm) or 1 7/8''(47mm) balls?

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  • Snooker cushion height for 8" snooker table with 2''(50mm) or 1 7/8''(47mm) balls?

    Hi everybody,

    I'm a snooker fan from Finland, i just bought a 8 feet american style pool table
    that i am going to convert to a snooker table.

    I finally have a room for a table and now it is time to start playing again, after 15 years Five years ago i sold my 12" snooker table that i never got to play and i have regret it, ever since.

    I would like to use slightly smaller balls for this table, but i am not sure about
    the cushion height. I measured the height now with the pool table cushion rubber and it seems to be 39mm.

    What would be a good height for the cushion?

    I'm planning to use 2''(50mm) or 1 7/8''(47mm) balls.


    (53 on a 12" table)

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    I play with full size Aramith 1G Balls on my 8 x 4 table and it is fine. The Balls do not bounce off the table like everyone is scared of and when you line them up with the 2 inch set there is not that much difference and it is the weight that is the massive difference IMO not the actual size of the ball in the terms of jumping off the table.

    I have never had one leave the table yet and had my 1G set for months now. It got them because practicing at home with the 2 inch set stuffed me up at the club when they had full size and it took me ages to get used to the heavier balls. Not to mention 2 inch are harder to aim at as you have less surface area.

    Even though i still only play with 10 Reds for obvious reasons i am loving my 1G Set at home on my smaller table and have brand new Reds in the fancy briefcase all the time! lol
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