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    With Ben Woollaston making his ranking final debut in Cardiff does anyone know how many players have reached a ranking final now? And how many semi-finalists have there been? Thanks

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    By my records (not complete) back to 1969, 273 (major) ranking events with 51 individual winners.
    No details of runner up names.
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      If I counted correctly, 81 players have reached a ranking final now, although it's a little difficult to say what constitutes a "ranking event" these days. If you count the PTC Grand Finals as well (although I don't see why you would), the answer would be 83.


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        the PTC/Tour Grand Final comes under Minor Ranking listing on WS - well the way I see it
        even though it is a huge pile of money

        CueTracker has a few less events and one more person, so it does come down to the categorisation of the event. Most problems are for the older events as the categories were less "defined" as was whether the event was World Snooker sanctioned in the first place.
        There were so many "money matches" that were advertised as WS sanctioned but were not

        If I count the "minor ranking" events, I get a further 68 events and 29 names.

        as I say I am sure my lists are not complete (yet )
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