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Another 'foul' question

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  • Another 'foul' question

    Can someone clarify the amount of penalty in the following situation please.

    Free ball granted, Black chosen and potted but, the white goes in-off. My thoughts are, that as the Black at that point is designated as a red, then the penalty is 4 away. My playing partner was convinced that it should be 7 away. As it was a 'friendly' game we compromised at 5 away as a goodwill gesture.

    Confirmation will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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    If black ball was nominated as the free ball 'red' then it is a 4 point penalty. If the black ball was nominated as a free ball 'blue' then it would be 5 points. So it sounds like your playing partner should give you a point start in the next frame you play.
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      If you nominate a ball as a free ball then until that stroke is complete the nominated ball effectively has the value of the ball on. In the OP's scenario, therefore, the penalty for going in off the black nominated as a red is just four points.
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        Thanks for the prompt reply chaps, much appreciated.

        I have diarised the fact that he owes me a point. lol