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Only red ball totally blocked

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  • Only red ball totally blocked

    Hello people,
    What if it's your turn and the only red ball left is totally blocked by the other colours?

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    Only red ball totally blocked

    this is covered by the impossible snooker rule which states that where it is impossible to hit the ball on due to other balls the player must play the shot in a direction and strength that would hit the ball on if the snookering balls were not in the way.
    You still give penalty points away but no Miss will be called so the cue ball (and others if appropriate) wont be replaced.
    If the ref judges that the shot was not the direction and strength to hit the ball on then a Foul and a Miss could be called and the balls could be replaced and you could be asked to go again.
    Up the TSF!


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      You don't have to play directly in the direction of a ball on... you can also play indirectly (ie off a cushion). But you still need to play with sufficient strength to have hit the ball on had the obstructing ball(s) not been there.

      You can't help but commit a foul though!
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