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"3 times miss" question

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  • "3 times miss" question

    Hi fellas.

    Just a quick question regarding the professional foul rule. I was watching a team mate play a local league frame, missed 3 times in a row when he could see a red and the referee called the frame, however the referee had forgot to notify my team mate that he had missed twice and would concede the frame if he missed again, after the miss the cue ball had hit a couple of colours so the referee was busy replacing these, must have slipped his mind. In this case does the 3rd miss count as a frame loss shot? I have read the rules and it says the referee should inform the player, but doesn't say what would happen if he did not.

    FYI, my team mate kicked up a bit of fuss when the referee called the frame and it was agreed that the frame should continue with the warning being given on the 3rd miss, so the 4th would cost him the frame!

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Well, haven't exactly encountered such a situation before myself (meaning I have not forgotten to warn a player) but as a referee I would have done the same based on my interpretation of the rule.

    This is one of those grey areas... it does say "referee shall warn" so I would apply it on the basis of not unfairly penalizing the player. A lot does depend on the exact situation on the table and whether doing so would allow either player any undue advantage/disadvantage as a result.

    Of course, if referee chooses to apply the letter of the law, he is not wrong either...

    Just my 2 cents worth.
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      In the billiards rules it explicitly states that when the referee fails to announce 10 hazards or 70 cannons, that the player shall be entitled to make a further 5 hazards or five more cannons after the referee does make such an announcement. However, in the snooker rules stay silent about not making the warning on F&M. It's accepted, though, that should the referee fail to warn the player after two misses, that he shall get a further attempt after being warned.
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        I think that's fair enough to get another go if no warning is given, in the heat of battle I could easily see a player not count the number of shots as they get kind of mind stuck figuring out why they are missing. I don't think it's ever a deliberate thing.
        Am I right in thinking if you make a break with the wrong ball at billiards it stands, up to the point it's noticed?
        This is how you play darts ,MVG two nines in the same match!


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          Originally posted by itsnoteasy View Post
          Am I right in thinking if you make a break with the wrong ball at billiards it stands, up to the point it's noticed?
          Yes, like snooker, unless claimed before the next stroke is played, is condoned. It's a foul when noticed. Same as playing out of turn in snooker pairs.
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