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Question on a snooker rule

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  • Question on a snooker rule

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd appreciate your guidance on the correct rule that applies in the following scenario.

    1. Player A is on a break and is leading by 3 points with only the Blue, Pink and Black left on the table.

    2. Player A pots the Blue and Pink, with the lead now extended to 14 points.

    3. Player A tries to clear the table and takes on the final Black and pots it, but fouls off an in-off.

    4. What happens now? Does Player A still win the frame? Or does play continue with the Black being re-spotted and Player B taking the next shot with only a deficit of 7 points?

    Thank you.

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    Player B gets the seven penalty points, and the frame is finished as the scores are not level and the player with the greater score wins. As per 4(a) below the first score or foul on the Black only situation ends the frame.
    A respot Black only happens if the scores are equal after the penalty points have been applied.

    4. End of Frame, Game or Match
    (a) When Black is the only object ball remaining on the table, the first score or foul ends the frame excepting only if the following conditions both apply:
    (i) the scores are then equal; and
    (ii) aggregate scores are not relevant.
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    Up the TSF!


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      Thank you!