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  • Help me remember a match!

    Hey guys, this is driving me a bit bonkers......

    Can anyone help me remember who one of Ronnie's opponents was in the past few years from the following vague clues.... LOL

    It was Ronnie vs ???????? Ronnie took an early lead and the young lad (ginger I think) started to come back at him.

    I remember that the lad got a few chuckles from the audience and was quite a character. I think it finished 6-4 in the end to Ronnie, but am unsure of the scoreline.

    Pretty sure the chap had a both leg bent stance as he was quite tall.

    After the match Ronnie said "That kid's got game" about him, I also believe that he was compared to Steve Davis.

    I've had a look at the ginger nuts on the tour and been on youtube to see what I can find. On there was Ben Woolaston vs Ronnie in the UK in 2014, but the scoreline wasn't as close and I remembered, so not sure that's the match I'm thinking of. I'll watch more of that match to see if it's the one I'm (mis)remembering.

    Am I going mad and dreaming something that didn't happen?! lol
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    You might be thinking of their match in the 2014 International Championship which finished 6-4 to O'Sullivan, although it was Woollaston who took a 3-1 lead at the interval before O'Sullivan came back to win.

    O'Sullivan also played Anthony McGill in both the UK and the International Championship in 2014, but I don't think either match fits your "clues"...


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      Mc Gill ?...


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        James Cahill came to my mind - 2014 International Championship 6-3
        could be wrong
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          Is it McGuill by any chance?


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            Cheers guys, I'll keep hunting around....
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                I know that Ronnie rates McGill, McGill has a laugh with the crowd, and he gets compared to Davis a lot. The BBC even did a Dr Who themed clip where Steve Davis got in the Tardis, the familiar whirring sound played and then McGill got out. Cute.