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Another free ball question

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  • Another free ball question

    Only pink and black are left on the table. Player A missed the pink in such a way that the opponent is awarded a free ball. Player B nominates the black as the free ball. However, he/she mistakenly hits the pink first before dropping the black into the pocket. Should player A be awarded 6 points or 7 points?

    I just saw that in the World Women's Championship but missed the ref's decision.

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    7 points ...


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      It is a foul.
      Sec 3.12 Snookered After a Foul
      (b) It is a foul if the cue-ball should:
      (i) fail to hit the nominated ball first, or first simultaneously with the ball on;...

      You state the pink is hit first = foul
      6 penalty points, ball on = black which is nominated as pink so becomes the value of the pink for that shot, for a foul as well as if it would have been 6 points if potted.
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