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Different shaft colours

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  • Different shaft colours

    Hello all, and specifically cue makers/repairers

    I notice the ash shafts on snooker and pool cues come in different tones. I've re-tipped some old cues that have a beautiful golden brown colour that really looks classy and I also appreciate the bright pale shafts that newly made cues generally come with.

    Is there a way to artificially change the colour of the shaft wood?

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    Yes you use oils, waxes, grain fillers and polishes to artificially age the timber and enhance the natural patina. I've just finished two cues with beech shafts and the beech was pure white with very fine pinkish grain in its raw state but a tung oil finish has turned it a nice golden brown.

    A particular favourite of mine is Jacobean oak danish oil, makes an ash shaft look antique in ten seconds.


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      I've had a good look around and it's interesting that there's not a lot of information on staining the shaft. I guess it could be requested if having a cue made